The Question of Occupy

I don’t understand the point of the “occupy” protests but I do think I have a clue as to the motivation.  The definition of the purpose of their gatherings is lacking, but there has to be some reason they do what they do.  It can’t just be that they are trying to kill some time until they eventually have to try to get a job, can it?

The economic situation is as shaky as it has been in my lifetime and the indicators for forecasts are relatively weak.  With this in the wake of bailout money, executive abundance, leadership gridlock and corporate scandal, the potential for unrest is real.

Anybody that submits to some authority, which is everybody, conditions their submission to leadership on trust.  They have to trust that leadership is ultimately for them in for them to make a free-will choice to follow.  If the belief becomes that leadership is not looking out for their best interests and there is room to shift allegiance, rebellion is almost certain sooner or later.  For every person actually protesting currently, how many more are disenfranchised or disillusioned?

The only legitimate leadership is leadership that sacrifices the wants and desires of the leader’s self-interest for the betterment and advancement of those that are being led.  The leader, when operating within their legitimacy, gives of himself so that those that follow can be raised up to a better position.  They forge ahead making hard decisions, facing risks and choosing sacrifice over selfishness to benefit the subordinate.

The follower will submit willingly when they can trust the sacrificial intent of the leader.  They will gladly follow the trail that has been cleared and enjoy the benefits of the brush being cleared away.  Apart from the trust in leadership, they would have to forge their own trail or find a more legitimate leader.  As long as the path is properly attended to and focused on by the person on the point, leadership mistakes will be forgiven with a trust that the intent is right.

This applies at every level of leadership.  National, corporate, family and individual.  The choice to follow is conditioned on the willingness of the leader to sacrifice.  Without legitimate sacrifice, the trail of an illegitimate leader looking out for himself will eventually be vacated by those that no longer trust the integrity of the direction.

The call from the masses has always been for Trustworthy direction.  The heart cry of a people willing to submit is “are You for real” and “are You for me?”  When they see and experience, then they will believe and will submit in confidence that the Way has been made ready by Sacrifice.  Leadership is in the Sacrifice . . . more than just words, but actions that call a following because they serve the followers at the expense of the One called to lead.

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