The Third Rail of Immigration

In the current political race for a candidate to run for president, one candidate after another has risen to the lead only to give way.  Personal scandal, inconsistent positions and other issues highlighted by the microscope of first place have been the downfall of hopeful after another.

The most recent leader took a stand the other day based on “humanitarian” and “family” values.  He acknowledged that immigration is important and that there needs to be a secure border.  He then went on to articulate the moral implications of a policy that treats every “illegal” immigrant the same.  He pointed out that there are differences between immigrants that came here 25 years ago as children and have lived productive lives as compared to recent immigrants with no such track record.

The distinction was immediately discarded by other candidates, declaring “no amnesty” in any case.  Their position, as irrational as it is, would be to round-up 11 or 12 million people and ship them out.  In other parts of the debate, they would scream against the costs of the federal government.  On this issue, they justify whatever it takes to break up families, put decent people in jail and eventually ship them to a country they may not even remember.

The stand by the front-runner has been called “damaging” to his hopes.  He made a stand based on reason and morality which may be a show stopper for many.  The hard-line and questionably racist stance by many who oppose such reason is non-negotiable.

Consider this hypothetical.  Our economy is in bad shape.  What if it were to get increasingly worse, you lost your job and despite your best efforts could not support your family?  As a result, what if you moved your family some place where you knew they could eat.  The problem is that the line and process is too lengthy, your children are desperate now.  Lets assume your children are three and five years old.

You get to the new land, duck and dodge the requirements to legally be there only in order to feed your children.  You do pay taxes and Social Security, with no hope of ever collecting on the benefits they go towards.

Years go by but ten years later, the school system identifies you and your family as “illegal” and they come to lock up your entire family.  After six months of incarceration, you are all dropped in a border town back in your country of origin.  Well, not all.  You and your wife were blessed with another child who is now eleven years old.  That child is actually a citizen of the new country they were born in so they cannot be deported.  They are left as an orphan.

Is there justice in the outcome for you?  Is there mercy in the solution for your children?  Is there healing for the heartache of your orphaned citizen child left behind?  Is there any way that we, a nation of immigrants, have become that kind of people?

One thought on “The Third Rail of Immigration

  1. the bottom line is this… what is practical? a purging of illegals is not… managing the situation moving forward with what will be a most daunting of tasks is the answer. The other candidates and those who disagree with Newt can continue to dream of waking up to an illegal free country or just cut off the head of the monster and deal with the carcass right here. America was born on immigration… people coming here looking for better. Find a way to channel them through a new Ellis Island on the border.. Continue to hammer away at contractors who employ illegals.. make them earn their way into the social security system by not allowing for the first 5 years of income go later to their benefit but to those who are currently in the system.

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