Beauty from Ashes

A friend of mine who works with people in the judicial process was telling a story of a young lady he encountered recently.  She was broken and accused, frustrated with the consequences of a life out of control.  Her destructive behavior had burned up the hope and promise of her youth with ashes replacing her joy.  As he spoke to her, she trusted him and opened up regarding the “why” of where she was.

She told him, “I’m intelligent and have no problem getting a good job or making good decisions.”  She was setting the stage as she explained that there was hope in her ability.  She was not without gifts or skills to accomplish the things that were necessary for her destiny. She did not lack confidence in her ability.

She went on to say, “I just want to be seen as beautiful.”  That was it.  That what was holding her back.  She didn’t know the Beauty which was within her.  She desired for the Beauty to emerge and be her identity but the lies of failure and rejection had buried her Beauty under insecurity and doubt.

Her father had never been involved in her life and had never affirmed her.  He didn’t tell her that she was beautiful and worthy of protection.  He didn’t show her that she was a princess worth rescuing. When her father failed her, she failed to hear her Father tell her the very thing that she longed to hear the most.  “You are a beautiful princess worthy of sacrifice to pursue and rescue.  Your beauty is captivating.”

John Eldredge has written books on the importance of the affirmation of a father for both daughters and sons and makes this point exactly.  He points out the transformative process of bridging the children to the Father through the affirmation of our worth.

My friend served this young lady well as he met her in her sorrow.  He comforted her in her sadness and affirmed her radiance, speaking Truth of her Beauty emerging from the ashes she perceived. That is the Power we have the opportunity to walk in.  We can speak Life which literally transforms Beauty from ashes and turns the destruction of lies into the Hope of Truth.  The true identity of the princess is called out by affirmation of her Beauty and by the evidence of the pursuit of her rescue.

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