Washing of the Water

I went away recently to intentionally pursue Restoration.  Restoration is to put things back in order the way that they were originally intended.  It also includes “rest.”  It is necessary to break from the regular grind to rest and put things back into order.  To do this on purpose is the only way it will likely happen for most of us.

I’m not talking about a vacation in the traditional sense.  A vacation is to leave the routine and there is nothing wrong with that.  There is nothing necessarily restorative about leaving the routine in and of itself.  While the rest part is covered in most vacation plans, the putting of things into order is not necessarily a focus.

When we are cruising through our daily interactions in the world, the world gets on us.  Like dust from a trail, it begins to accumulate on our clothes and get in our hair.  When it gets dusty enough for long enough, it will even get in our mouth so we can taste the grit of the trail.

When trail is on is and we can taste it, then it is time to clean the residue of the world from out outer garment and spit it out of our mouths.  It’s time to get refreshed with a mouthful of Water.

To get away for time at the Source is a worthwhile pursuit.  The promise is simple.  If we intentionally draw near, then we will find the Refreshment and Restoration we are seeking.  When we choose to make Presence a priority over passive belief, our pursuit will be rewarded. Once we seek and find, we will be ruined to seek from then on.  There is no tasting and forgetting.  There is only tasting and choosing the new Attraction over the old addictions.

The efforts of our pursuits will result in finding. We will find those things of fleeting enjoyment and limited value when those are the focus of our efforts.  We will find Eternal Peace and a depth of satisfaction when our pursuit is selfless and sacrificial towards the Joy of Salvation.

It’s good to be back and it’s OK for some dust to get in my mouth as I go.  I know where to go to wash my mouth out and clean the trail off my clothes.

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