The Joy is in the Surrender

So a couple of days ago, I wrote about operating from a place where the character traits we all desire (to varying degrees) come as a natural by-product of our character.  When we are naturally relating with those around us in a way that encourages them and facilitates positive relationships, we are spending less stress and anxiety from conflict and offense.

It’s easy to write about operating in love, but it’s not always easy to actually do it.  We all know and interact with people who seemingly aren’t lovable.  It’s still a choice and the choice has to flow from something that’s been deposited in us or we just striving to love the same way we would strive to be patient, understanding or whatever else.

We can’t offer True forgiveness unless we have been Forgiven. We can’t extend grace to others until we have received Grace. The only way that we can interact with others in love is if we first receive Love.  The Love that is offered to us changes us by impartation.  The education about love and the characteristics does not change anything other than our concept of how we are supposed to behave ourselves.

That kind of impartation is only received when we stop.  Only when we stop striving and stop trying to prove who we think we are to everyone around us.  Only when we stop believing that we are so capable and accept that we are flawed and need some Help.  Only when we stop believing the lies that we can somehow earn our acceptance and receive our Inheritance.

We can’t offer what we don’t have and we can’t take what we can only receive.  The joy of living is in the surrender.  From the surrender, Love builds us up the way we were intended to begin with.  As that new creation, we offer what we can’t manufacture on our own from a place of Peace.

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