Life in the Service

My wife, Julie, is incredibly gifted with insight.  She chases diligently after Truth and there is faithful Revelation meeting her where she looks.  The other day, she shared a pretty awesome realization with me that has stuck with me.

Julie told me that she told me that as hard as she tries to be joyful, patient, gentle and at peace, she feels like she can’t consistently get them all down at once. There is always something that keeps her from responding completely in a way she would like to respond when pressed by people or circumstances. It’s not from a lack of effort or knowledge, just can’t always seem to be a perfect picture of Who she wants to be. The amazing thing about that is, for those that know her, she is incredibly graceful and giving.

The Realization she had was that these things are by-products of Love.  That is, when she approaches people and circumstances with Love flowing through her then she is naturally patient, kind, joyful and peaceful.  There is not much effort required and the ease with which grace is extended is natural as well as encouraging.

I see this play out consistently with various types of clients.  When I see view their idiosyncrasies and problems as a burden or irrelevant, then I have little patience for the side stories or annoyances.  During those times, I can still serve their legal needs but am not nearly as able to serve their overall situation.  When I limit my interaction to the same focus as just about every lawyer, then my value to them is greatly diminished.  When I maintain strict boundaries for my concern to include only evidence and alibis, the gifting of Counsel is ignored at great expense.  Without comprehensive Counsel, there is no Life in the service.

When I care about the client’s entire life and situation, then I can bring Hope beyond their immediate situation.  Only then is there value beyond the prima facie case which brings the Promise of Transformation.  It all starts with Love . . . receiving it and allowing it to flow though in a way that produces patience and kindness naturally.

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