Supreme Acquital

I work in a world of conflict where people battle themselves or others to a point that it manifests as chaos, stress and inappropriate behavior.  Society demands that within our freedoms we maintain control of our conduct so that the freedom of others is assured.  When an individual loses control of themselves to the point that it causes turmoil in the arena of society as a whole, the judicial process begins.

On a smaller scale, we all work to be disciplined in our behavior within the context of the environments we are a part of.  There are certain expectations and limitations in each different work environment.  If employed by someone else, their expectations bring potential rewards as well as potential consequences.  If employee conduct is consistently outside of the expectation of the employer, or if there is a single egregious violation of the boundaries, then the employee will often be disciplined or even have their employment terminated.

There are also expectations and disciplines as members of families, clubs, churches, and other arenas including marriage relationships.  The relationships feel stress when there are offenses against the other.  The “other” is impacted by the broken trust of failure. 

At the point of the stress which occurs when the boundaries are violated, there is a process of restoration . . . or not.  When we are in the middle of the stress, our first stop is often one of blame and justification.  We mentally form our case as if we are about to argue it in front of the Supreme Court.  We lay out all of the facts that support our righteousness and dwell on those facts to justify our part in the unfolding mess.  The longer we stay there, the more destruction that typically follows.

It’s not until we shift our focus from external to internal that we actually feel Peace.  It’s only when we allow for Honest insight into what part of the problem we need to own that Healing of the whole can begin.  When we strive to indict the other(s), we choose a route of condemnation which none of us want to be subject to.  When we turn that effort inward to align ourselves with Righteousness in humility, we make a way for the Freedom which brings Life.

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