The Certainty of Acceptance

A week or so ago, I was dealing with a court-appointed client who was very difficult to deal with.  He was also in jail and his frequent calls with unrealistic requests were wearing me out.  His theory of why he should never be found guilty has some merit, but there are critical facts which he continually overlooks when forming his ideas regarding his defense.  I was starting to respond sharply with little to no patience and he started to react to me in the same way.

I thought about him driving home one evening and concluded that I was wrong.  He didn’t need another person rejecting his legitimacy.  He didn’t need another judge.  He needed somebody to meet him where he was and allow him some grace.  I was in a position to be an advocate that persevered with him even when he was difficult.  

I know more about the law than this guy.  I can better predict what will happen in response to a certain tactic in a courtroom.  I could justify that he should do more listening to me and less offering his own perspective.  At the same time, it’s his deal.  He’s the one in jail.  He’s the one that faces consequences.  He knows his situation better than me from the inside out.  I can only interpret it from the outside in.

We all want the call of our heart to be heard.  We all need an Advocate that will persevere with us even when we are so full of ourselves and all the misconstrued theories on our legitimacy we can think of.  Many of us are wrong more than we’re right but we evaluate our position based on our own flawed premiss.  A little (or a lot of) Grace sure is helpful until we can figure it out. 

With that Grace, we are afforded the opportunity to find Truth.  Truth never moves or changes so when we find it, we can orient our position accordingly.  Once standing on Truth, the Advocate is joined in the purpose of Truth and there is the relationship which was intended from the beginning.  The consistency of the Advocate calls us into the Truth.  If the invitation was fleeting or dependant, the certainty of acceptance would suffer.  That acceptance is the call of our hearts.

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