The Fullness of Reward

A young lady called from jail recently and was obviously upset.  She had been locked up for the first time in her life because she had been charged with two misdemeanors which were basically back to back in time.  In each of the charged misdemeanors, there were facts that supported convictions.  There were also facts that would invoke significant understanding and compassion from just about anyone who would hear them.  Of course, I can’t go into the details in this blog.

She called broken and desperate.  She had nowhere to go and didn’t know what to do.  Her situation, from her perspective, was hopeless.  Worse than that, I think, was that it was lonely.  She had these very reasonable explanations for her situation which she obviously wanted to be heard.  There was nobody to listen.  

There was a point when I had to make a decision on how to react to her situation.  She likely did not have any money and needed some help.  I was in a position to help her with a simple request in her legal situation but it would require a trip to the courthouse for free.  Before anyone rushes to judgment, this is in some ways like walking into the grocery store and wanting to push a shopping cart of groceries out the front door with no money based on a relative need. 

In this case, I made myself available to take the trip to the courthouse and help.  I’ve done things like that before with no promise of payment and there have also been times when I said that I couldn’t help without being retained (with money).  What I have learned, is that both can be right.  Helping while maintaining boundaries.

If I give away all or most of my time, then I have not been a good steward.  I have not managed the business I engage in or would not properly provide for my family.  At the same time, if I trust that Provision is assured, I will not be afraid to help people when those opportunities present themselves.  There will need to be Wisdom in the discernment of when to help and when to walk away.  I can’t save the world, but I can help a person.  I can’t work for free all of the time, but I can do a favor.

This Revelation has become increasingly clear over the past year or so.  When we seek the Right things for the right reasons, the rest is added.  When we operate in the things we are gifted in relationship to those around us, then we are walking in our Purpose.  Our Purpose brings with it a Provision which is Abundant and Certain.  The fullness of Reward goes far beyond a retainer when we allow for our Purpose to exceed a fear for our Provision.  



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