One Slice at a Time

A young man who has become a friend of mine is desperately trying to shift his destiny by working in an environment which accommodates his full potential.  To this point in his life, he has made mistakes and failed to get on track.  There has been some trouble and setbacks along the way.  Now, however, he has purposed himself to turn the corner and make a change for himself as well as his little son.

He has a vision for his future which calls him to an office setting for administrative experience.  In seeking employment in a professional environment which is different from his background he has routinely hit obstacles.  Between the record of the trouble he has been through and the lack of experience in the field he seeks, the doors have been closed.  To his credit, he has recently began to make potential employers an offer they can’t refuse.

Last week he went knocking on doors and didn’t ask for a job in exchange for a salary or hourly wage.  He now tells small firms that he will work for them for free, as an intern.  This proves his willingness to do what it takes and desire to do what they do.  As he puts it to them, how can you refuse the offer of free assistance?  He went from frustrating rejection to three legitimate possibilities in one day.

When I got started in practicing law, there were various cases that I would take for free or cheap.  The reason was that there was value in the experience for me.  The client was informed that I had not practiced in their particular area of concern and made a value decision to retain me, with little or no pay.  I benefited from the opportunity and they got free legal representation.

When we have a job, we expect to be paid.  When we are called into something we’ll do it for free.  When we step into a calling with a vision for our destiny, we do so with trust that our Provision is assured.  The immediate fear is not for a certain amount per hour because the focus in much larger than the current hour.

We don’t get the whole loaf of bread, but a single slice.  That first few slices may not come with a salary, but if we manage them well then we will get more. As we accumulate slice after slice through proper stewardship, we eventually accumulate the loaf.  If our eyes are constantly focused on the benefit we will get from the first slice, we may not ever see the value of the entire loaf.

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