Casting a Giant Shadow

My three-year old son, Haynes, recently noticed his shadow.  As he recognized the impression he was leaving through his shadow, he declared “look, I’m big.”  The prolonged, exaggerated form that was evident on the sidewalk gave him a sense that he was larger than just his physical composition.  By position in relationship to the sun, he was amplified.

Without relationship to the sun, there would be no multiplication of his form.  Haynes would be left to the constraints of his physical attributes and abilities.  Without eyes to see, he would never be able to tell that the shadow he casts is larger than the presence he carries only by way of the sun.  Without the mind of a child, he could not be excited by the realization that the sun has created of image that is greater than the image without the sun. 

Being a parent is not easy.  There are so many different books and shows with well founded opinions on how to parent in a way that our children will be healthy adults.  To work through the maze of advice and differing opinions of tactics regarding sleep, discipline, television, education and an infinite list of other factors is frustrating at times.  We just can’t predict every outcome for the decisions we make with our children or other arenas of our lives.

If we do nothing else, we can realize that we can only remain big in the eyes of our children (or others, for that matter) through relationship to the Son.  By position to the Son, our form is amplified.  When we are postured in a way that the Light of the Son is on us, we are not left to our physical constraints and mental limitations.  Only when we have eyes to see the Eternal impressions of a life in the Light can we find perspective.  When we come with childlike excitement and Trust, we will seem bigger.  The choices about the details fail to compare to the Glory of the Son which makes us seem bigger than we are.

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