Trusting the Promise of the Invitation

We moved cross-country one year ago, as of yesterday.  We brought little more than a car full of stuff and stayed with family as we turned the page and started a new chapter.  There was no job and no house, nothing more than a Promise.  The Promise of faithful provision as we stepped into an Invitation which was driven by the call to our heart more than the reason of our minds.

Nothing is easy about stepping into the unknown based on belief.  Every part of your conscience wants to grab hold of the known and familiar for safety.  The only motivation is a core belief that there are Greater purposes ahead that come at the cost of trust.  Trust pays admittance into the adventure of the unknown.

Within 48 hours of arriving in the new season, I had a place to work.  Only one catch to the work situation; it paid nothing.  It paid nothing other than what I could eventually bring in and provided no luxuries such as my own office or even own desk.  It was an invitation to steward a little and trust that it would become more.

We lived with family in a situation which was less than perfect.  The pressures of living in the home of someone else, even someone you love, produce character.  There comes with it an appreciation for what you truly need versus what you want and only thought you needed.

The hardest part, by far, was leaving the community.  Leaving a group of people who you live life with to start over with a different group in a different culture.  Friends and family relationships in the new place which require nurturing to build trust and transparency to lead into depth.

Through it all, there has been Faithful provision.  The consistent presence of Faithfulness has whispered, “I’m still here . . . take another step.”   That presence has made it not only possible but incredible.  The relationship of Trust got stronger through trusting.  The definition of Blessings gained context and meaning when lived through stewarding a little to be trusted with more.  You can’t know abundance until you properly define True need in your heart.

A year later, there is an office and an income as well as a home and a community.  It’s not the same as it was, but it’s Foundation is True.  The possibilities for what can be done on this True Foundation are limitless.  Even the dreams and hopes of the possibilities must be turned over in trust to avoid premature construction of something I put together.  I believe more than I know more now than ever before.  The Invitation of the Promise remains for all of us, waiting on a step with Faith to trust.

One thought on “Trusting the Promise of the Invitation

  1. Scott, I remember sharing with you as you decided that it was time to leave and go where you are today. You have become a man of faith. This journey and transition has revealed to you and the world looking in watching that God is faithful. God is pleased with you and your tribe. The Word tells us that “it is impossible to please God without faith.” It goes on to tell us tht “faith is the evidence of things not seen.” There is no Heaven Tiple AAA giving out Trip Tiks that tells us in advance where to go and what to avoid.

    I love you my precious Brother and it has been an honor to pray for you and your family in these days of change and transition. Growing demands change! God when He saves us will go anywhere to redeem us and rescue us–but He always comes in a U Haul and when He arrives we must change and move. “Abandon your wicked ways.” You are a blessing in my life and thank you for your transparencey during this change and your openess to share what has been revealed.

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