Hot Water Poured Over Ground Up Beans

What is the value of simplicity?  With all of the challenges and stress of life, how much is it worth to rid ourselves of a few distractions or stressors in order to just enjoy the simplicity of Life in the place where complication used to exist?  I would suggest that the value surpasses the level that we normally give it credit for.

A week or so ago, my coffee maker broke.  It was kind of a fancy coffee maker with a bunch of buttons and timers that I never used.  It didn’t have an actual coffee pot but the coffee stored in the maker itself and then dispensed through pressing the cup against a button under a spout.  The alleged benefit to that was that the coffee never burned even if left sitting for four hours.  Trouble with that is, I never leave it sitting four hours.

I really want to have some coffee in the morning.  I should re-phrase that to “I really will have coffee every morning unless I’m on a deserted island somewhere.”  So when my coffee maker broke, I headed out with Olivia (our eight year old daughter, sweet and smart) to buy a new coffee maker before the next morning rolled around.

I was disappointed that the coffee makers were so expensive.  Many of them ran well over $100 and they had all kinds of features that I had no interest in.  I just wanted a relatively simple coffee maker and didn’t want another one like I had previously since it had only lasted 9 months.  It took Olivia and I two stores, but we found a $20 Mr. Coffee with a single button on it for on and off.  Perfect.

I love my new coffee maker with only one switch and don’t mind at all that the coffee can’t sit there for four hours without burning.  The simplicity of the coffee maker erases decisions or confusion and my guess is that it will also result in a longer life than just 9 months.  That’s probably a pretty good snapshot of what could be done with the rest of the things we think we need in life.

Most of us forget to just “be” without stimulus of cell phones, televisions or other distractions at all times.  We are consistently striving and stressing buying into the curse of the land.  In order to completely appropriate the benefit of the Blessing, we have to give up the desire to hang on to all of that stuff all of the time.  Just be.

It’s nice to be easy and simple but in our society, it likely won’t be our default position.  We’re more likely to jump in the race and run, run, run than we are to accept the Peace that is readily available in the moment.  The choice to get rid of the complicating factors that don’t need to be there but that have come to be accepted as necessary is liberating.  When we can realize that what we “need” is much different from what we “want” and be willing to accept that our “needs” are part of the Promise, then the enjoyment of the Blessing of the Promise is what we are left with and that is plenty.

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