Dieing to Live

Ever go through a period of time where you just struggle to be happy?  One thing seems to pile on the next and it piles on your shoulders like a sack of potatoes.  The weight provides consistent pressure to exaggerate every other variable that occurs in normal life and the end result is a funk that makes it hard to see Hope.

I’ve been in one of those struggles and I’m battling.  The battle is daily to attempt to emerge from an attitude clouded with a negative lens.  There is consistent temptation to go backwards to the way that things used to be as the memories of an earlier time tend to highlight the positive.  The battle rages on against despair and frustration although many may not realize it from the outside looking in.  Those that are on the inside know all too well.

There is Truth and it never moves or changes.  The Truth is always consistent with Hope and Joy so to find the Truth means to find Hope and Joy no matter the circumstances around them.  The battle, then, is to get back to the Truth.

During the tough times, I need to hear the Truth.  That is, I need revelation of Truth beyond my hearing and into my knowing.  I need to get a fresh word of Courage and Hope.  That Word carries me for the day as it brings more than belief; it brings confidence.

Additionally, I need to die.  I need to die to the selfish frustrations which I allow to distract me from the Truth.  When it’s all about me, I can never be fully satisfied as my striving has the singular focus of being comfortable through my circumstances.  Selfish comfort is dependent on fragile and changing circumstances, which means satisfaction and happiness depend on what is going on around me.

When that selfishness is given the execution is deserves, Truth is given place to work itself out through me.  Once I get past the resistance of sacrificing self, I can enjoy the Peace of Life resurrected from the grave.  The Joy and Contentment that comes as a result is Eternal and never moving with no dependence on the circumstances surrounding me.

So the battle isn’t against those things around me that stimulate frustration and discontented.  The battle is against myself; wrestling against the rising up of my selfish need for consistent satisfaction of comfort and pleasure.  The battle is a daily decision to lay down the frustrations sacrificially to give way to Hope which can’t be sustained by fleeting self-generation but only by Supernatural re-generation.

Today, I choose to die in order to Live.

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