Deep Leads into Deep

I met with a friend of mine who is a successful business owner, been married one time to the same wife for somewhere around 20 years, has raised a couple of great kids and is active in his church and community as a leader.  As we talked about various matters he shared that he was considering what he may want to do next.  He shared that he has always had a pull to live a life of significance and wanted to work more in a “significant” field for the next season of life. 

I found that interesting because, by most measurements, his life to this point has been both significant as well as successful.  What he was stating was a desire that I believe we all have.  A desire to make a mark on the world around us.  Now, not everybody necessarily wants to change the world but I believe we all want to contribute to changes in the world.  So until that desire is satisfied, the level of success we may achieve will not align with the desire to achieve a level of significance.

That drive for significance is closely tied to an internal and Eternal design for purpose.  We were created with a need to be a part of something bigger than just us.  When we run through life believing that it’s about our accumulation of things for comfort and reward, the question of our purpose and satisfaction of the desire to matter remains unanswered. 

Only when we peel back the distractions of activity and wealth creation to tap into our talents and desires in the context of purpose and significance can we know of our place.  Only then can we be satisfied in the greatest or the most difficult of times.  Only when we rely on the Creator’s design to draw us into our destiny will we find the Comfort and Knowledge of why we do what we do. 

Only when we yield shallow self to deeper self as we relate to our Calling can we be honest about the contentment that we all desire.  Only then can we trust that the step off into the unknown is worth it in faith that our Provision is assured and allow our Passions to be rewarded.  Those Passions were no accident and they will lead us to the significance that all too often seems just beyond our grasp.

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