Fueled Up for the Journey

A couple of weeks ago, we were on an airplane flying home from a vacation.  There was an unanticipated storm at our destination airport, so we had to stop to get more fuel as the pilots anticipated having to hold in a pattern above the storm to allow it to pass.  I was surprised to learn that we didn’t have a full tank but, as I understand it, the planes only carry what they think they will need to eliminate waste.  So we landed, got additional fuel, and took off for home eventually landing safe and sound.

There are storms ahead.  Some of them require that we hover around and above them for a while as we wait for them to pass.  In this world, we will have trouble.  With that in mind, we better have the fuel we need in order to fly land safely.  Re-fueling looks different for everyone, but the bigger question is the type and Source of our fuel.  That is, what makes us go?  What gives us Life?

As we walk this life out, the times that we take to be restored and replenished will directly affect our health and safety during the challenges of the difficulties.  If we don’t adhere to a consistent and intentional effort to be filled again (and again), then we’ll be running on empty.  The Truth is that we leak.  Even when we are filled with Grace and Power to face the challenges of the world, the living takes from us in a way that drains even Eternal qualities. 

If we think we got “it” back at some experience we had as a particular event in our lives, then we are likely running on fumes and operating out of our own effort.  This leads many people on a path which ends when they crash and burn.   

This morning, I woke early for coffee and spent time connecting to Life before engaging in living.  That connection doesn’t end at the bottom of the coffee cup, though, it’s a relational walk of receiving the Breath of Life throughout the day.  It’s then that we walk with the eyes to see and ears to hear those things that otherwise would be beyond our scope of perception.  It’s that relational flow of Life through us which satisfies the purpose for which we were all created.

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