Selfish Service

We know right from wrong.  All around the world, most people were created with consistency of conclusions regarding boundaries regardless of cultural differences.  The clients that I work with who have found themselves facing charges that they crossed boundaries necessary for order know, too.  There are many reasons that their choices led them to a place that would be a threat to their freedom.

Even when we know, we have to choose.  We have to choose to trust that we’ll benefit from the small choices to avoid the exaggeration of compromise to multiply its effect in our character.  The big mistakes are born from small compromises.

Just knowing isn’t enough; we have to do.  If we choose not to do what is right, then our compass becomes confused to the point that we forget who we are.  Once we forget our True identity, the consequences begin to devour our hope and the spiral towards out-of-control has begun.

Doing the right things, even the right little things, affirms our identity and builds a confidence in our ability to take on all temptations successfully.  Each little thing that is done with a purity of belief even if there is no immediate selfish benefit builds on itself towards a character capable of selfless and fulfilling existence.

We’ve all found ourselves in a mess.  Maybe out of work, maybe in a messed up relationship, maybe a combination of life circumstances that challenge our faith in ourselves.  The answer starts not with the solution but with a small step back towards a foundation.  The Foundation is firmly rooted in selflessness which provide firm roots for foundation.

We look beyond ourselves to extend the right things to others, particularly those in greater need than us, and the benefit to us is True.  The selflessness is beneficial to us; therefore, our best interests are served in our service.  That’s OK; service brings a dynamic of benefit that is neither static or linear but instead a storm of benefit.  One small act of service in faith that Truth will prevail in our own circumstances initiates the order for individual and systematic transformation.  That decision to serve declares our acceptance the initial premise of a universal order and Love.

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