Had a lady come into the courtroom late the other day . . . so late that she wasn’t too far from being arrested.  She was so worried about being late and had rushed so frantically into the courthouse that she had lost her breath to the point that it appeared to be borderline emergency.  She didn’t get arrested and we walked outside the courtroom and talked of Truth regarding Peace and allowed Peace to permeate her circumstances which had seemed so overwhelming just moments before.

Today there was a different lady stressed out about her relatively minor case to a similar place of physical manifestation.  Her body was rebelling against her emotions, which had gone into overdrive because of the imaginations of her mind.  Again, we stopped for just a minute to acknowledge the need for Peace and allowed the contentment of the moment to have it’s rightful place ahead of the panic of the possible future.  Her situation worked out fine and she left much more rested and acknowledging a need for consistency.

We’re going to have trouble in life.  We just are.  Then there will be other stuff tomorrow . . . and the next day.  But most of it, if we’re being honest, isn’t as bad as we think it’s about to be.  Most of the stress and anxiety that we operate from is premature.  Most often, we are borrowing trouble from tomorrow when tomorrow promises its own challenges.  Then today is overloaded with today’s stuff as well as tomorrow’s.

Each of the ladies that I mentioned had lives that apparently were in the difficult cycle of borrowing trouble.  When any of us get there, the small things can and will set us off.  The cup is full and one more drop creates an overflow of anger, addiction, physical symptoms, escape or some other effort to cope and control. 

The alternative is to create and cultivate healthy ways to pour out the excess; getting rid of the disappointments, imaginations, hurts and other junk that we pick up and carry.  We find Truth and position ourselves on it with a determination not to take a single step to the left or to the right from the Righteous path.  We depend entirely not on ourselves, but the comfort of the consistency of an unwavering Counselor in Truth.  Anything that contrasts with the Peace of the Truth is expelled and we develop a community around ourselves that supports these things.

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