Without Firing a Single Shot

Recently I went through some internal struggles that left me with anxiety and worry while also flirting with fear.  There was no immediate threat and the deception of vulnerability to these influences was foreign enough to the Truth that it stood out as out-of-place.  So the battle began.

So I started doing the things that I knew to do; denying the validity of those things that were challenging me and weighing me down.  Giving thanks openly in the face of worry in a quest for Peace.  Seeking counsel through mature friends that came in agreement with my efforts against the apparent attacks.  Sharing with my wife the struggle so she could understand, support and agree with my efforts in the battle (she is an incredible advocate).  Still, though, I was really having a hard time shaking it.

Then, in the quiet, the whisper was simply “humility.”  Just to be humble and accept my limitations and not to think that I have to, or even can, change every voice that comes against me.  It doesn’t mean that I receive the message which intends to destroy me, it just means that I don’t have to actively fight it.  I can rest in the Peace of knowing that I am accepted and approved of so my protection is assured.  I don’t have to earn it, activate it or inspire it to enjoy the benefit.  I just have to rest and receive.

So the focus turns from fighting the battle to knowing Victory in relationship and resting in that knowledge.  A knowledge that exceeds the intellectual grasp of an idea to encompass a deep sense of Truth through experience.  The kind of knowledge that words fall short in their efforts to describe the depth of the Comfort.

By that very word, the efforts to distract and torment fail.  Fear, anxiety and worry would love to chatter in our souls loud enough that we focus our efforts on eliminating them.  If that is our focus, then there is no focus left for the cultivation and enjoyment of the depth we can know in Love and Peace.  Then, simply by engaging us in the battle, they win.  But when we ignore them in choosing to rest in the humility of our position of reliance on Peace to protect instead of operating in self-protection, the lies of torment are defeated without a single shot ever being fired.

One thought on “Without Firing a Single Shot

  1. Thanks Scott. This one really spoke to me this morning. It was a great first word to start my week. I’ll keep it with me in thought in the days to come. I really appreciate your time and effort to minister to me through this blog. God bless you. Go VCU!!!

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