Free to Love

Over the past couple of days, I have come across a consistent message regarding love.  The Word was that if we know Love, then we will love others.  There won’t be a question about how we treat others because the Love that was imparted unto us will flow from us.

If we are basing that receipt of love in relationships, then our capability of loving others if fragile and inconsistent.  That is, people who are in our lives have their own junk and the closer we are to them, the more we will see the results of their junk.  The more that we see their junk, the more likely that we get hurt as some of their junk gets on us or in the way of our relationship.  Those are the points of decision as related to love; the verb or action component that always lives longer than the emotional or attraction component.  We choose to love despite the flaws in others but the only way we can do that, from what I’ve been reading, is if we know Love.

Receiving love is often hindered by fears and hurts as there is risk with the dependence that often comes with being loved.  There is only one Love that will not fail; an Eternal love.  Until we know that Love, we are handicapped in our interpersonal love.  Once we know that love, then not only are we more capable of giving love but also better equipped to choose to love others who love us but have hurt us.  Only with that Eternal Love can we be equipped to see the cause and effect that led those close to us to hurt or disappoint and only with that Love can we truly forgive.

Our human experience with frailty of worldly love often opens wounds for the whispers of self-protection and self-provision to take root and bear the fruit of doubt.  When we give those experiences a foothold, they become deeply rooted as fears and isolationism and the ability to love is crushed under the weight of the lies.  The human experiences of broken love in the form of broken families, abusive relationships and traumatic victimization can often lead us towards a fortress of protection that includes holding back Love from breaking through.  We no longer want to receive love so we no longer seek or believe in Love and the result is a shade of gray that leaves life lacking.

When we seek Love, Healing comes along and the walls start to come down.  The barriers can withstand the flood of Light and the self-constructed defenses give way to the offense of Truth.  The Healing leaves us positioned to receive greater measures of Love, leading us to be able to love and when we come across others that hurt or disappoint we are able to see that they simply need Love and not allow them to own parts of us we might have previously given away.

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