Face to Face, part III

So if there is a constant interaction between Good and evil and if there is a choice to walk out of the evil and join the Good but return as a representative, then how?  How do we make the change, allowing the transformation and sustaining the Life which was given to us even when we are surrounded by all kinds of junk that threatens our knowing Peace?  Commercials aren’t even safe anymore and the culture overall laughs louder and more often at ideas of what is increasingly old-fashioned yet Pure.

We can only operate in an unsafe place without fear, judgment or offense when we are so sure of who we are that there is nothing in the midst of the chaos that can shake that.  The only way to be that sure is to die to the things we once thought were so right and intelligent but were completely contingent on our understanding and comprehension.  I’m not saying that we check out mentally; just the we reconcile the things we believe to be true with the Truth.  We seek to go deeper in order to understand further and then we allow the Truth to be spoken in Word and Spirit into our hearts and minds.

Once that testimony is made which we can hear from the inside-out, then we will know who we are and where we fit.  The lie is that it’s a singular event or a decision of our mind, will or emotions; it’s neither of those things. It’s a call to our spirit and the courage to step out of the known which likely isn’t working anyway but at least it’s comfortable to us.  Our spirit responds in a way that cries out in acceptance and relationship to the Call.  Nothing is ever the same, but it’s a call that will get covered up and drowned out by all kinds of deception, hurt, and man-made efforts to simulate the call . . . only to be left in need of a fresh whisper.

With that call; those whispers when we seek and find that we will walk into the battlefield with a deep comprehension of our identity.  A comprehension that, when pure and alive, will protect us from the traps of unforgiveness, offense, judgment or pride.  A knowing deep “in our knower” that we were lifted out of the mess by Grace and not of our own doing.  A knowing that knows that there is much we don’t know so we don’t have to be right about everything because we know the One thing.

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