Face to Face, part II

Since I no long actively dwell in the darkness then it is not my home.  I have a new Home from which I am an ambassador in the darkness and can walk with those in darkness only for as long as I am able to bring Light.  If their darkness starts to penetrate me, then I am no longer any use to them nor am I an effective ambassador in the first place.

There is no way to be an effective or valid ambassador if I come with the frailty of an individual agenda.  When an ambassador stands before the leaders of another nation or kingdom, his legitimacy as an ambassador for his homeland only extends to the point that he represents the views and positions of the leadership in his nation.  If and when he diverts from the proven and approved message of the nation which he represents, then he is no longer acting with authority but is a rogue man without a country at all.

So as a former resident of a dark and lonely place, I dwell as a legitimate and Naturalized citizen of a far different government.  A representative not unfamiliar with the place(s) where I’ve been or the people who I’ve grown to know and even love.  Not with judgment or condemnation and not without the ability to see the Hope that is available if anyone wants step from one place to the other.  The assignment is one of empathy and advocacy, not superiority and legalism.  Even with a new country, the roots and remnants of the old place are always there lurking and trying to grow fruit in the new place so there is no place for pride.

In relationship, there can be encouragement with words spoken not necessarily from facts and circumstances as they currently exist but looking beyond the immediate to the possible.  A calling out of the darkness and into the Light through the first hand humility of a life transformed not by effort but by ceasing to strive.  Then, life on life and with no expectations or requirements to answer the call, the effective ambassador can enjoy the dark place only by a first hand knowing of the newness of the Light and the Hope which resulted in the change in citizenship while never forgetting the journey is not over.

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