Bought and Paid For

Like many people who just came through the recession, my family and I underwent a major economic adjustment.  The way things look now as compared to 2009 are drastically different.  We had to re-think pretty much everything going back to why we spend what we spend.  The answers provided opportunities to either get back on the same crazy treadmill or make serious adjustments that will result in longer term healthier positions.  We chose major changes.

So the major changes took major sacrifices and have sometimes been difficult.  We’re as happy, if not happier, than we have ever been yet there are consistently temptations to drift back towards the way things used to be.  With each step in the recovery, there is a temptation to look back to the known comfort of the way things used to be.  There is the lure to the trappings and away from a life focused in satisfaction of the moment.  I battle, though.

Battle against the temptation of an enemy who disguises himself as dissatisfaction and mature into coveting until fully manifested as greed.  An enemy that whispers comparisons with others in similar demographics and of a similar age towards a conclusion of failure.  An enemy that lies about the satisfaction available in the material or worldly success and accumulation.  And an enemy that lurks in the fear of disapproval from those that are closest to me; my wife and my children who have never once blinked an eye towards the reduction in numbers of cars or bathrooms.

The battle is internal to avoid the trap of the external.  The internal battle can only be won with a sure knowledge of my identity and intimacy with the Foundation of that identity.  The winning blows to the lies and the whispers come in the form of a quiet contentment and satisfaction in the present reality of provision, even if the provision lacks the exaggeration or upgrading we are teased with commercial after commercial.  The quiet contentment is available only in the comfortable security of an adoption that was paid for by a price too great to diminish with momentary attraction towards comparatively cheap things with carnal deceit of value in the form of a price tag.

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