Walking With a Single Box

I’ve read a couple of articles lately about the reality that going to law school isn’t a good investment for many people who go; that is, they don’t make the money they thought they would after investing six figures in post-graduate work.  The articles took exception with the law schools selling the profession as one that will bring $160,000 annually when getting out of law school.  The reality is that the starting pay is usually a fraction of that; it’s tough to get the well-paying gig, and if you do, be prepared to be a slave to the firm.  So people were starting blogs, even considering litigation about how law schools are deceptive (imagine that). On top of that, career satisfaction among lawyers was overall very low so even the ones that are making good money don’t necessarily like their profession.

The problem is that the people now disenfranchised with the law profession likely started down the road towards the career for all the wrong reasons.  The same is true in any profession; if you start out looking for a certain earning potential and manufacture your goals from what you want your W-2 to be, there should be little surprise if you wake up one day (or a bunch of days) and just aren’t feeling too zippy about heading into the office.

The law, and any other profession, should come from a vocation . . . a calling.  If there is a calling within us in a particular area and we cultivate the passion to develop the skills necessary to operate with effectiveness within that passion, then not only will there be satisfaction from doing what you were likely designed to be all along, but in many cases, you’ll probably be rewarded nicely.  We can most consistently excel when the driver is coming from the inside vs. depending on external motivators to steer our life choices.

Then it’s a walk . . . taking a step into a calling will allow for perseverance to have its way through inevitable challenges associated with our dreams.  When we have vision from who we are and walk out our identity, it is immensely different from when we operate from what we do and strive to work the field in a job without any sense of connection.  Then, and only then, will we gladly pay the cost of tuition or sacrifice or whatever else is needed without reservation or regret.  Then, and only then, will the boxes we create between who we really are, what we do, what we believe in the deepest and what we are good at merge into the one single container of “me” as it was intended.

5 thoughts on “Walking With a Single Box

  1. Scott, you have certainly found your calling… it is obvious in the way you embrace your job and your life. I have watched you grow and transform into the man you are today and I am very proud of you. You not only “talk the talk” but you “walk the walk”.

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  3. I know from deep in my heart where this all came from, Scott. I just want you to know I think about you doing this work you do everyday. I love you for that.

  4. Great stuff Scott! My oldest (Tucker) is at Alabama and thinks he has been called to the law. I have pointed him to your website, and know he has read this post. Remain passionate about what you do – young and old men need mentors other than their fathers.

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