Ears to Hear

Day-to-day I get to see amazing examples of  the compounding effect and destruction of evil and humanity’s need for a Hope and Rescue.  Recently, I worked with a 20-something year old young lady with several marijuana charges over the past couple of years. I asked her why she keeps using and she said she is addicted but doesn’t know why. I asked her what her family life was like and as part of her response she said, “I don’t have a dad.”. Immediately upon her testimony regarding no dad, she broke – tears came pouring and running down her face. Tragic.

In just a few moments, she started to connect the hurt of that reality to the drugs.  The head was catching up with what the heart knew all along and a spark of understanding was ignited.  There is no internal mechanism in us that drives us to drugs and alcohol without initiation which usually comes in the form of hurt, trauma or some other form of an open wound which fosters lies that grow into lifestyles.  The lies are often postured as “nobody loves you,”  “nobody could believe in you because you don’t have anything to offer,” or “you can’t trust anyone” and the like. For as long as the core trauma is left in darkness; not talked about or validated because of embarrassment or fear, then there is a fertilizer effect of the resulting dysfunction.  When the hurt  is exposed so that the lies can be invalidated, then healing starts and transformation can begin.

I certainly don’t know it all and can’t fix everyone’s problems but just a simple word of comfort and encouragement in a time that is destined as an opportunity for eternal change might be the seed that bears Fruit of the Spirit within us or longing to live within us.  All that any of us can do is be in tune with those stories and not shut down our ears to hear that reasons and drivers for the situation. Then, if we know Healing, we can offer Healing.  If we know Freedom, then we can speak Freedom.  That’s Life and living and that’s when it’s easy to know that you are prosperous in ways that don’t necessarily have anything to do with money.

2 thoughts on “Ears to Hear

  1. the word says be prepared to give a reason for the hope that you have. Let your conversation be seasoned with salt. Sometimes that hope comes in the form of giving comfort when it is needed. I too got to give comfort to a Lady yesterday that was going in for a double masectomy this morning. God’s timing is never late and always on time. Good job Scott

  2. Scott stay the course, brother. Express empathy and compassion mixed with the pointed truth of their predicament, and they might realize the hope that is in our Father. After being in active addiction for a number of years, and the attending criminal justice education that resulted, I remember one attorney calling me on my foolishness and it’s affect on my parents and family. I was astounded by his audacity, but deeply affected as well. It started me on the road of recovery that began 20 + years ago. We need to deliver the truth regardless of the situation, hopefully, presented in a manner that allows us to continue to be of use in their lives.

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