Provision, Protection and Promotion

For many of us, we are consistently driven towards the next thing; whatever that might be.  It might be a new job, a new house, a new car, a new relationship, a new vacation, etc., etc.  We get focused on what is to come as we imagine that the thing we look forward to will be a treasure trove of satisfaction, money, fun, pride or some other motivator.  We may even have very healthy, valid drivers towards the next thing; it may be to serve others, to serve our family or to fulfill our purpose.  Certainly nothing wrong with ambition, goals or desire when tied to healthy appetites and motives.

I consistently receive the encouragement to be patient and consistently battle in this particular area.  It used to be in a consumer-oriented, immediate gratification mode of purchasing to satisfy whatever immediate desire(s) I had.  There was no fear that the money would run out or the income would do anything but grow.  This left me under consistent pressure to look towards tomorrow to pay for the decisions of yesterday.  The opportunity for contentment in the right now was sacrificed by this forward-looking perspective that more often than not manifested as worry and anxiety.

For the most part, I have given up that cycle of spending.  There is still a battle in my soul of wanting to move forward, however well-intentioned it may have become.  I believe in the purpose of a life including my own and with glimpses of Vision and Whispers of calling, my feet itch to move at a pace exceeding the bounds of the clock or the calendar.  Those things that I feel are my destiny can overwhelm me to create mental effort towards accomplishment.  The result is the exact same worry and anxiety that I had dealt with materially in the past.

I woke up this morning in one of those mind-sets looking towards where things are heading more than where things are right now.  Not until I was able to stop and be thankful in the moment was I able to experience and interact with Peace and Rest.  My provision, protection and promotion are Assured for tomorrow so why let the concern for any of those things hijack the contentment that is available today?

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