I watched a guy defend himself in court on a minor traffic charge (illegal U-turn) and another guy on a more serious driving with no license (a misdemeanor which could result in jail time) and wished that I could have you-tubed them as advertisements on why you shouldn’t go to court without a lawyer.  The no driver’s license charge would have likely been dismissed completely if there were an attorney involved and the other was just plain comical. 

The man came into court about 25 minutes late, putting on his belt (which had been removed to get through security) as he walked through the doors of the courtroom.  When he figured out what was what, he settled down and waited for his case to be called.  He got up to the bench and insisted that the reason for the failure to obey the signs were that he had depth perception problems.  He proceeded to produce a document from an eye doctor that showed something to do with his eyes, I suppose.  Ultimately, it was a losing argument but his point about vision kind of caught my attention.

If we can’t see where we are going, then we’re very simply going to mess up.  We need clear vision, night vision, depth perception and peripheral vision.  Life happens fast and with a lack of vision, we will perish.  There is a need to look ahead and accurately interpret the signs that are available with a focus on what to do now prior to arriving at the decision point down the road.  I heard a wise man make this point once before with Chuck Yeager and Ted Williams as examples.  Those two men, the test pilot and the baseball player, had exceptional vision which was necessary for their fields of endeavor.  We all need vision like that but it’s not limited to what we see on the chart . . . vision extends to the depths of who we are as well as the extremes of what we observe.

If we can’t look inside ourselves to recognize our inherent desires, irrational fears and core identity then our context is consistently “off.”  That is, working from a faulty premise leads to a lack of depth perception as we read life’s signs and signals of what is coming.  We are created and designed to work from healthy gifts and passions without giving into the chirping of an enemy of doubt that wants us to live outside of our passions and outside of Life.  Most of all, though, we need to know who we are and why we are in the first place just to establish a platform to step from; a level playing field.  That’s a question with layers of answers that have to be peeled back one at a time; if/then types of questions and answers leading back to our creation to establish and further the Essential relationship in our realization and fulfillment of the Model for our design.

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