Up until the point of Bryan’s death, there was probably one “kid” in the world that I really had any tolerance for, and it was him.  I didn’t really like being around kids or teenagers generally but had always connected with Bryan.  I was able to speak into his life and he listened.  I was able to see hope in his future before I even really even knew what that meant.  As the family would get together and Bryan came up in conversation, I would often say “he’s going to be OK in the long run” even when there wasn’t a ton of evidence to suggest that was true.

Since then, I have developed a passion for working with young people who are in situations similar to Bryan’s.  The seeds of desire to help which had been dormant were awakened and began to show some fruit.  The seasons shifted to move into a time of serving sons as a bridge to their Father.  A heart that rejected began to accept and the gifts were activated in due course.

Doors opened over the years for training and experience leading up to the point where I now am able to offer counsel to those needing help and Hope practically every day.  Today I understand the dynamics of delinquency and restoration much, much better than I ever could have considered at the time that I was afforded the opportunity to spend time with Bryan.  

I am still walking this out and recognize that my story is part of Bryan’s story.  The legal matters surrounding Bryan’s case contributed strongly to the decision to go to law school and desire to finish.  Therefore, anyone that I am able to help or serve is a part of his legacy.  His testimony of Hope in Salvation spoke to me and opened my heart to the same Hope.  From that opening, Transformation began with the result of a life focused in Purpose with certainty that testimony, hope and purpose are multiplied in others so the legacy grows.

We live our lives here on earth in the blink of an eye.  Bryan’s blink was shorter than most but his destiny was fulfilled weeks prior to his death.  He finished well, even if the finish line seems pre-mature.  In the long run, he is better than OK.

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