Bryan, cont’d

So Life began to emerge and the layers of the onion started to be peeled  back.  It all started with admitting to myself and others that I just can’t do it on my own.  The reality hit that I needed Help and was now increasingly willing to surrender in order to receive the Hope that comes with that surrender.  I saw the finality of Bryan’s time on earth and began to focus on the after-earth experience  . . . the eternal became increasingly important with surrender in the temporary.

I had always felt the whisper of a Voice suggest to me that when things were back in order, when things were surrendered and submitted, then I would be ready for a wife and a family.  I had heard that/felt that for years and it played out just like that . . . within a year I was married and actually had a son right away as my wife brought a son with her and we had a family.  The adjustments were difficult at times and there were temptations to run away; back to the relatively easy of self and protection.  The depth of the new reality – of Life and family, was rich and deep, though and continued to call me to come in further.

After several years of practicing at these ideas of being good, pursuing Good and taking care of my family there was a revelation that I lacked contentment.  I was doing a lot of the right things and working hard for others in many ways as we now had a daughter in addition to our son.  The realization led me to go deeper and down the path of a Freedom journey which continues to this day.  It is one thing to try to do the right things, it is another thing altogether to get right and let it come out of you.  Then you have an opportunity to stop striving and start being.

What my wife and I found were that with everything we would give up, the return on our investment was infinite.  By give up, I mean pride, unforgiveness, selfishness, etc. and I’m not suggesting that any of them are singular events.  The journey is long and winding and the onion is large with many layers to be peeled back.  As far as we would go, as fervently as we would seek, we would always find.  The old junk gets replaced with New stuff and the transformation is ongoing as a lifestyle with a community of chasers that are just as flawed, righteous and determined as the next.  The support, encouragement, challenge, depth and fullness of this life was too great to ignore and too rich to call it “enough.”

Today that journey continues and the courage that Bryan showed continues to bear fruit in my life as well as the life of others.  So the next time you hear a story of a kid that’s gotten off track or in trouble, don’t discount the power and potential of that life that has not yet realized the fullness of its potential.  The power of that life’s potential might just the key to freedom for many others.

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