Not Just Elvis’ Birthday

Today is my dad’s birthday and as I woke up this past week, he was on my mind to the point that I was brought to tears.  I had a glimpse in that moment in time of the greatness of the man who is my father.  A better appreciation laying there in silence for just a minute of the blessing it is to have a father who loves me and affirms me in so many tangible ways.  His consistency of support has left with me with no doubt that whatever else the world throws at me, he is in my corner and believes in me.  That gift that he has given me for over four decades has made the way for me to walk out who I was designed to become.  That fatherhood is the vehicle that facilitates my present satisfaction and the fullness of my destiny. 

I see too many broken people facing criminal charges, addictions and incredible adversity who tell me that their father has failed them to ignore the reality that there is a cause and effect between dads and their children’s fulfillment.  Young men and old men alike need the affirmation of their father to create a bridge to mature and healthy manhood.  Young ladies and old alike need the admiration of their father to release them into their identity as the princess they desire to be.

My dad has given me all that I need to be the man who I am to be.  I still stumble and fall but if I ever struggle to get up, he is there to encourage and support.  I am more grateful for that than I could ever express in a blog or in any other way.  The bridge that my dad has built to my Father is eternal and True and all that I can say to him in 500 words or less is “Happy Birthday,” “thank you, ” and “I love you.”

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