Mole Hills into Mountains

Waiting in the hallway outside of a courtroom the other day, there was a scene that caught the attention of anyone within fifty feet or so of the origination of the situation.  There was a young lady, in her 20’s, talking loudly and very troubled giving her father who appeared to be in his sixties all kinds of grief.  Some of the things she was shouting at him were directly combative and some were just basically rude, but all were seemingly embarrassing to him as he tried to control her while also draw as little attention to them as he could.

The courthouse if sometimes a good place to view out of the ordinary scenes such as this.  As we see these kinds of things, the initial reaction is often to laugh, maybe point, and try to find someone around us to enjoy the scene with.  Another bystander to lock eyes with as we view the chaos and reach agreement by consent in our expressions that we fully know how screwed up those people are and it’s good to be far better than that.  After all, they’re crazy and we’re on top of things.  What a joke that someone would carry on like that.  Ever notice when telling stories of situations how quickly everyone else can become and “idiot” in your recollection or translation of the facts as interpreted from firm footing in intellectual superiority land?

What I have seen time after time, though, is that those “screwed up” people don’t want to be that entertaining and it didn’t get that bad overnight.  Either through a  rigged deck dealt to them through the bad choices of their ancestors, maybe three or four generations back, or one self-imposed mistake after another the problem has built to what we are now seeing.  The evil of the world waits patiently on our own depravity with an intent to devour us and as we step into it willingly with a relatively minor compromise initially followed up by increasing evacuation of the platform of Truth.  Once fully immersed in the consequences of perverse decisions, we are consumed to the extent that to any rational observation we appear “screwed up.”  

The thing is, we can create a new normal for ourselves within the framework of consequences we have had to adjust to and the greatest casualty is the full measure of our Hope which was once healthy and optimistic.  Once the snowball has begun to roll down the hill, it can be hard to stop but certainly not impossible.  You don’t have to be making a scene in the hallway of a public place for this to be true; we all have some form of depravity which has leaked out of us and the consequences may be socially acceptable but just as much of a mess.  The loss is subtle but real and except for a decision to turn away from evil, the results will be loss, destruction and even death.  It starts with “small” compromises like tax or insurance fraud, watching porn that doesn’t hurt anyone, getting just a little drunk and driving, etc. turn quickly or over time from mole hills into mountains as the new normal of compromise erodes the foundation of  Truth to kick out Joy and Hope from where they would prefer to reside within us.

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