Numbering Our Days

Turning the calendar to 2011 provides us all an excellent opportunity to reflect on the past year as well as look forward with vision towards the coming year.  Instead of resolutions that are often portals to either pride or shame (depending on how well you work to keep these promises to yourself), it is a great time to simply appreciate the value in numbering your days.  That is, recognizing the value of the time that we have here and focusing your attention on maximizing that asset.

Reflection of the past year is interesting as we have been in the middle of a significant recession that has had some effect on just about everyone.  The gift of the recession is an opportunity to re-order priorities where they might have been out-of-order.  Were things and stuff more important than relationships, satisfaction and quality of life?  In what ways were you blessed and have the definitions of “prosperity” and “success” been open to evaluation as 401(k) balances and housing values dropped?

Looking forward, using the lessons of the past year, what is your vision and is it being seen through the same old lens?  As we mature, our lens can change to allow for wisdom to filter the way we see things which leads us to progress towards fulfillment.  That’s a choice, though, and has to be an intentional effort to capitalize on the experiences of yesterday to direct the decisions of tomorrow.

The most important thing in numbering our days is having a healthy and accurate perspective of the context of our days to begin with.  That is, how we view the time we are alive and what defines “alive” to begin with.  Most of us believe we are an eternal spirit and that we have a destiny beyond the time we are on earth.  Within that framework, we are stewards of a finite and unknown period of time on earth.  If the time here is limited but the destiny is eternal, then doesn’t it make sense to invest the bulk of the time we have here into our eternal destination?

Many would rely on the ambiguous standards of being a “good person” to justify our investment into eternity.  That’s a very subjective standard and left open to regrets as well as misinterpretation.  A better effort towards this end is more intention in seeking to find Truth.  With Truth as the constant, there is an Anchor available to walk through this season of our existence with certainty and satisfaction . . . Life in and through us.  When we intentionally look for the Answer, the Answer will be found by us. 

Receiving the fullness of the Promise for eternity while we are managing the gift of our time on earth, we are not creating the definition for the next season, but numbering our days to ensure value of the time spent here for the promise of what is to come.

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