Giving Up

I was driving to the courthouse this morning and knew that I had several clients who I would be visiting in a holding area prior to their trial as they had been held for one reason or another pending their trial.  I was considering what I brought to them other than advocacy and legal advice and what they really wanted as they faced their circumstances.  I concluded that what they ultimately want is mercy, which is really what we all want and need in varying degrees and forms.

I continued to think about that; they want someone to believe them, trust them, forgive them and have mercy on them.  They need that in order to get their freedom back and I can only offer that with sincerity because of my freedom.  You can’t give away what you have not received and if I were oblivious to the fact that I had received that which every one of us ultimately wants then I could not offer anything on a human level.

We all fall short and those of us that have the hardest time acknowledging those weaknesses are those that most often have the deepest rooted need.  When we can acknowledge the Mercy we require because we have fallen, then we begin to be equipped to interact with others at their point of need and not just their position related to ours. 

So the only Hope that I bring is because I looked at myself, acknowledged the mess that I was in and relied entirely on Mercy.  I quit striving to prove to everyone else or myself how perfect or smart or capable I was and gave in to the fact that I can’t do it on my own.  I am dependent on my Strength coming through my weakness and trust in that Strength to be sufficient.  Sometimes I forget that and start to rise up in my own strength, posturing and positioning to provide, protect and promote myself but it isn’t long before I am reminded of my Need.

We’re all so similar, as are our needs although many of us escape that reality in our suburban insulation and trappings of success.  The insulation is an illusion to the reality of our frailty and the need to cry out without shame for Mercy.

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