Focused and Alive

I have two trials today and feel fully alive.  I woke up a little nervous because the outcome matters in the lives of my clients as well as other people involved in the situations.  The nervousness gives way to focus and concentration and senses get tuned in.  That’s living . . . walking out a day with a focus on the  purpose to do that which you have been created and equipped to do.  What an incredible blessing to be thoughtful today of important things that are within my vocation.

The word “vocation” doesn’t mean job; it means calling.  It’s the thing inside of you that rises up and says that this is what you were made for.  It’s the bugle sounding to rally the troops and take on the task.  It has nothing to do with your job or how much money you make and everything to do with the Life that is placed inside of you.  When you are able to find a profession that facilitates your vocation in order to operate in a calling day-to-day and be provided for, it’s a sweet spot of living that just feels right. 

Most of us have been willing to sacrifice our calling for our profession and it’s usually based on money.  That compromise can also come as a result of greed, fear, uncertainty, negative words spoken which created lies regarding the potential and many other factors that get us off track.  Our calling is placed in us; that desire of our heart is a gift to us and meant to be lived out.  Sometimes it gets muted or buried by concerns of practicality that are not without any reason but do result in frustration and regret.

I have not always practiced law and used to make more money than I do currently.  I’m not worried about that, though, because I’m living life more than before.  Day in and day out, stepping into my calling and working through the practical hurdles and challenges that are simply unavoidable but focused on the calling and not on the hassles.  Money and promotion will likely follow anything that we do with passion and purpose because the natural by-product of our pursuits which are fueled by a call into our destiny will be excellence and excellence comes with rewards.  The funny thing is the rewards; the money, promotions and recognition become such a distant afterthought when we get focused on the Call that they just don’t matter anymore.  The striving is replaced by Rest, even if there is chaos all around.

A benefit to the recent recession is that it should serve as a reminder that our purpose is NOT a 401(k), mortgage or new car.  Those things are not without any value, but it is temporal and life-taking if they come at the expense of our passion and purpose.  It’s never too late to start to turn the ship if it’s off-course.  Are you living in your purpose?

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