Enjoy the Ride

Change is hard.  When the comfortable and known gives way to new and different, there are adjustments that you never anticipate from the hopeful perspective that was enjoyed prior to the circumstantial reality.  When we face major decisions that affect how and even where we live, the optimist in us tends to project the positive as we think about all that “could be” in the new.  The changes effect more than just us; they also effect all that around us in both the old place and the new and there is no way to predict all of the thousands of possibilities of reactions and responses to our change as it becomes change for those others, too.

Of course, we can live a life of caution to avoid the change that brings about the disappointment or challenge.  There is nothing necessarily wrong with that and it is likely that some people are wired for that perfectly.  The trap in that is to mistake our purpose with our patterns.  That is, to grow so dependent on the constants that we mistake those familiar things as our purpose in life.  The danger in that is that if any of those routines are interrupted, then our very identity can be shaken.

As we all face some variables in our life journey, the balance and tension between logic and emotion are always important.  We are equipped with reason as well as feelings and they are both valid and useful in our decision-making processes.  To depend consistently on one too heavily over the other will likely lead us into a life of missed opportunities or reckless chaos.  For this reason, it is often very valuable to get counsel from trusted sources who we invite to speak into our lives and circumstances at the points of decision that are critical.

Once we have initiated and engaged in the change that we have considered and decided on, the temptation is to look back and remember things as better than they likely were.  Our memory of the good times of our past will often overtake some of the realities of our history.  During the difficulty of adjusting to the change, this leaves us with a desire to go “back” to avoid the challenge.  This is foolishness.

So we walk in accordance with our purpose (do you know yours?), fixed on the Source of that purpose and open to the opportunities that present themselves.  Once faced with those chances, we balance logic with emotion and check our decision-making with advice and Counsel.  We go on green and stop on red, not second guessing every intersection but simply looking around us for the purpose that was our motivation to start with.  Sometimes it’s an autobahn with no speed limit, sometimes it’s a quiet, country road.  In any case, we might as well enjoy the ride.

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