What Banner(s) Do You Carry?

Who says that you can’t go home again?  I just did, and it’s been an incredible time of restoration and renewal among friends and family in a comfortable, familiar, safe place.  My family and I traveled to Texas to connect with people that we love and who love us, be encouraged and encouraging, and eat some Texas BBQ along way.  An added bonus was a ticket to a World Series game which was a great experience despite the Rangers less than encouraging performance.

So we go back filled up and ready to carry on, not forgetting home but not being held hostage by a fear that we’re losing anything by not being present.  We go out from a place which facilitated transformation over the years and carry the influence of those people in that place with us.  In effect, we represent those relationships and that culture from which we come, acting as ambassadors for the things that we now stand for.

We all choose to represent things as ambassadors for the cause.  Maybe a sports team, profession, organization or philosophy.  We wear the labels on our shirts and the emotions on our sleeves where there is no doubt what we stand for.  We claim affiliation and shape our identity around that idea, group or experience.  Here is the question; what things have you chosen to identify yourself through? Are you best known as a particular profession or fan of a certain sports team?  Is that the thing you call yourself and proclaim the loudest and is the value in that identity one that you are satisfied as the fullness of your purpose? 

My home is in Texas and I’ve missed it . . . I’ve missed the culture, the family, friends, food and the familiarity of the place.  But it’s not who I am and it’s not what I want people to know first and foremost about me.  I am an ambassador for greater Things and more eternal Reality than brisket and cowboy boots.  I’ll wear my boots to the places revealed as destinations of a Calling, comfortable in where I am coming from and assured of where I am going.

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