Not Just Floating

I dropped my wife, Julie, off at the port today as she is going on a short cruise with a couple of her girlfriends for time away so that the three of them can bond, rest and relax.  Julie is really a great mom and a stay home mom who home schools so she spends the majority of most days with our two young children, ages 2 and 7.  That’s quite a challenge and she keeps coming back for more, day after day, with a sweetness and patience that is beyond me.  Our kids benefit greatly from the commitment and consistency that Julie shows them as will our grandchildren and great-grandchildren as the impact passes through the generations.  That doesn’t mean that she doesn’t have bad days, make mistakes or get tired and it doesn’t mean that our kids won’t have challenges as they grow into adulthood. It does mean, however, that the platform they will have to work from is firmed up because of their mother.

The thing about Julie is that she wasn’t always this person and has worked very hard to be in a position that her identity is in line with the woman that she was created to be so that she can do the things her heart calls her to.  In the past nine years, she has sought out mentors, read books and attended seminars persistently to the point that it is a way of life.  She is constantly asking questions about herself and where she came from in order to get healed where needed, equipped where needed, free where needed and affirmed where needed.  She knows that the best way to work on a marriage is to work on yourself, the best way to teach your kids is to never stop learning and the best way to be successful is to understand what true success really is defined by.

There is a Calling on my wife’s life – a purpose that is Grand in its design and driven first and foremost by the purity of the love she has for others; that is a heart condition that can be multiplied for impact beyond what is imaginable in the minds of men.  But even with a Purpose and equipped with inherent Gifts, there is a responsibility to steward it, nurture it, build it up and make it available in order for the refining process to allow for maximization and fullness of joy, satisfaction and impact that comes from walking in accord with the original design.  She is doing her part and stewarding what she has; being transformed by a renewing of her mind to accompany her new spirit.  For the next couple of days, it’s great that she can rest and be restored floating in the Atlantic but I’ll bet anything that while on the cruise, she is a blessing to the ladies she is with as well as others on the boat and she reads something, thinks of something or in some way inquires further into her destiny.

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