Peanut Butter and Jelly

Things could always be better, I suppose . . . things could always be worse, too.  I had a one o’clock meeting today; I was sitting in on a telephonic hearing for a worker’s compensation case and it wasn’t imperative that I be there because another attorney was taking the lead, but I was scheduled to be there, just the same.  I was on the way from lunch, where I stopped by the house where I hugged my wife and talked with my daughter, listening to some details of her morning and enjoying her joy.  Made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for my son and another one for myself.  Nothing too exceptional but nice; a nice oasis of depth in the middle of a somewhat but not overly busy day.  Had to kind of hurry, though, as I needed to get to the office before the one o’clock hearing and I hate being even within 10 minutes of being late.

Got on the road and things were immediately something other than I had planned.  The road was stopped; completely shut down.  It was clear that even though I had allowed for what seemed to be plenty of travel time, it wasn’t going to be enough time and I wasn’t going to make it by one o’clock.  I called the office and explained that I had jumped off the road and was trying alternate routes but that I was going to be late.  The attorney that was conducting the hearing for our client answered and said that he had seen the accident which shut down the road on his way back from lunch and figured it to be six cars.

So on my alternate route, I hunted and pecked my way through the side roads and came upon another scene of police officer’s flares and another accident.  A pickup truck had run square into a telephone pole and done extensive damage to the truck and pole alike.  There were no signs of people or ambulances, the scene wasn’t that fresh.  I could only imagine how bad it might be for the driver and/or passengers.

Then, the last turn to get to the office, there was an accident reconstruction team just down the street from the office and they were well into their investigation; marking the street and measuring out what happened and where.  Their presence meant only one thing; death.  There had been a fatality at this location; three accidents in less than 10 miles with this one costing someone their life and all before 1 p.m. on a sunny, nice fall day.  I found out later that it was a fifteen year old boy on a bike that was killed at that last accident scene.  Tragic.

So, at about 1:15, I stopped before walking into the meeting which had already started and sent a text message to my wife.  A text of thanks for our health and Protection around our family.  Appreciation for the simplicity of a day which is routine in so many ways because it wasn’t routine in any way for those people involved in those accidents and life will never be the same for the parents and siblings of that fifteen year old boy or the driver of the vehicle that hit him and which cost that young man his life.

Thank You for today and for peanut butter and jelly.

2 thoughts on “Peanut Butter and Jelly

  1. I really like P & B and P & Honey….umph!!! Dang!!! Gooood!!! I too like little children (my Grandchildren) and hugs from my Wife……dislike traffic jams….especially those produced by some government agency; i.e. orange cones and construction….enjoy immensely F.L.B……when is your book out? Thankful for His love……His Salvation….Brothers in Christ and Quest Brothers in Christ….Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom!!!!! Love & Hugs….GS

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