Law v. Freedom

After taking a look at my new blog site for the first time the other day, a lawyer friend of mine asked me if I was going to have a site for law commentary and discussion.  The point there would be to be a service to potential clients and attract attention from those in need of my services, thus being beneficial to my law practice by providing value to those needing a lawyer.  This whole blogging endeavor is a developing idea in which I’m trying to get comfortable so I’m not sure exactly where it will end up but one thing that I have seen is that there are plenty of lawyer blogs and I’m not sure that I’ll be another one of those.

Here is the general idea, right now, though . . . the law and legal problems (specifically but not exclusively those that are criminal in nature) are directly related to some of the deeper perspective that I seek to understand and express. In other words, if there are problems with the law, they can be indicators that there is something missing in a person’s life that, if present, would change their nature and resulting behaviors and eliminate any future problems with the law. My professional purpose is to provide legal counsel and representation to teenagers and families of teenagers when they find themselves in legal trouble but want the counsel and resources to be broader than simply getting someone to go to court for them. I want to work with families with struggling teens that want to address the issues which may have underlying issues need resources that extend beyond lawyers.  Within the context of juvenile law, it is important to show efforts to work in the best interests of the child for the long term and the judge will appreciate the families efforts to move the teen beyond the status quo to avoid future legal problems and get on track which can help the outcome in their immediate case.  At the same time, the family and teenager are well served not only in their immediate situation but longer term, too.

So in some ways this blog has already been about the law but I will continue to work on the refining and defining the purpose and value of sharing my thoughts with a heart to ultimately expand the interest beyond family and friends to serve those in need of freedom because they are struggling with the law.  For now, I appreciate the fact that family and friends have taken some time to check it out and provide some feedback!

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