Wisdom through Counsel

On my business cards, my title is “Attorney and Counselor at Law” and the “Counselor at Law” part of my job is probably the biggest part of what I seek to do.  I am invited into people’s families, circumstances and lives at a point of need and there is an incredible responsibility to serve them in a way that validates their trust in me.  They need more from me than a rote quotation of the law with an application of their facts to the law because life and justice is more than rules and formulas.  The role of counselor requires empathy as well as objectivity, raising the questions that live in the gray and doing my best to ensure that my client’s overall interest are best served on the other end of their situation.  That part of my vocation is an incredible honor.

I wouldn’t be in any kind of position to serve others and provide counsel but for the incredible men that have served my by their counsel.  Men that care enough about me enough to support me, tell me that I’m wrong or just to listen when I need to talk things through (I tend to process by talking so it’s good to have somebody to listen).  Men that base their lives in Truth and point me to Truth . . . notice Truth is capitalized as it is eternal and grounded, not susceptible to societal shifts or emotional compromise.  Mentors like Omar Reyes, who has spoken more life and Truth into me than I could ever express enough gratitude for and Jim Hylton, who at 74 years old has invested time and interest into me and many others to pass on the years of wisdom he has accumulated. There are so many more . . . men of Fellowship of the Sword who have learned through experience what a man looks like and shared life with transparency and passion. 

Our thought processes come from what we feed into our brains . . . our decisions come from those influences.  They can shift subtly over time with the end result being that we are much different people than years previously.  That can be either good or bad and while neither direction is necessarily permanent, the choices we make as a result of our mindsets and attitudes which have been nurtured by who we are listening to have consequences that we may have to live with for a while or maybe for as long as we are alive.  So the challenge for each of us is to daily seek out positive input and encouragement from people who care about us and are grounded in Truth (both that they care about us and that they are rooted in Truth – not just one or the other). 

Who have you been listening to?

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